I wanted to call out one of the local places I get produce from to make Jammly.  And it only made sense (to me, anyway) to start with the No Zucchini Garden & Share.  This is the CSA our family belongs to and is run by our good friends Liz & Carl Radavich! 

No Zucchini is a small urban farm and orchard based here in Portland, Oregon.  They moved into this home a few years ago, in part because they were so taken with the enormous yard and the many neglected fruit trees and plants.  Liz set about slowly reviving everything in the yard that she could and Carl built a variety of giant planter boxes to add additional space for specific things (the one thing they avoid is, surprise, zucchini, which liz feels shows up way, way too much in many CSAs.

The result now is a wide variety of fruits, veggies, herbs, and flowers that they collect and share through their year round CSA.  Best of all, they also process what they are growing, creating a variety of vinegars, sauces, and yes, jams and jellies too. I check in regularly with Liz for ideas of what's coming up and she's always happy to share ideas.  Both she and Carl also love to try out the variety of thing I'm creating for Jammly and provide lots of feedback on what works and what doesn’t.

I love having fresh stuf from them every week and the surprise of what its going to be from week to week as we move through the year!  If you want to learn more about No Zucchini, please go like them of facebook.  They're readying for winter now and looking towards next spring when they'll be taking on new families interested a share of the goods.