This weekend I had two projects to complete.  The first was the last of a batch of jam specifically for a friends wedding.  Erika and Susan are tying the not this week in Portland and I was excited they asked me earlier this summer if i'd make jam they could give to the guests.  I had already made two batched - Strawberry, Rosewater, & Vanilla Bean and a Marionberry & Lemon Marmalade.  This weekend, I made one more batch for them - a Spiced Blueberry.  It was fresh blueberries along with cinnamon, star anise, clove, nutmeg, and some New Deal Distillary Mud Puddle Vodka. For those curious, the vodka cooks out, but does impact the overall flavor of the jam (especially the chocolatey notes). The flavor was a touch murky, so i wound up adidng some orange peel and chopped up valencia oranges to the mix as well to brighten up and sweetened it just a touch.

My second one was using up some CSA products.  Liz & Carl, who provide our CSA (called No Zuchinni) had lots of extra plums for us this week, as well as tomatoes and peppers.  Rather than just doing a plum jam, i thought i'd try a tomato and plum combo.  Since I was already going savory, I added the peppers too.  The result is super interesting.  I wound up adding some brown sugar along with some spices and the result is almost like a fresh tasting sweet BBQ sauce.  I plan to let it sit and age out a bit, but i'm expecting i'll use it to brais or slow cook some meat this winter.